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May 29, 2010 / Arts / 1 comment

If your car is too dirty and you have enough creativity in your self, than you should try something like this. This is the proof that dirt is not always bad, you can easily transform that dirt in good material for something beautiful. Who would say that something like dirt can be artistic? This just says that art has no limits. Even the not such a beautiful things can be made looking great. Everything has its meaning in life and what once was ugly can be master piece. The beauty of art is that it has ability to make ordinary thing become something different. Nothing is as it seems and the way you start looking ordinary thing changes. We are here to make things look better and we should try to make every day of our lives different and to give a meaning to everything we do, even if our changes are not the greatest ones. Art is just our way of seeing things and expressing our feelings.

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