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June 2, 2010 / Weird and bizarre / 2 comments

The whole thing is to get from the point A to point B as faster as possible and to transfer goods as much as you can. Well, there is many different ways of resolving this issue. In some wealthiest countries people can afford couple trucks to transfer their goods, but is some poorer countries this is one of the only solutions for the logistic problem.Well making a transportation works is just a matter of good will and necessity. What is most important is when you want to get your goods from one point to another, is to know that your goods will be treated well and that you may be sure to get it there. I don’t know how much is being charged for a service like this but what ever money these people get, I am sure that it is not enough. This is one of the hardest jobs, and still not paid enough.It is a tough life. Some people should be even get paid for riding this way, it is almost like a hard stunt job, and this is not digitally proceeded.

odd transportation01

odd transportation02

odd transportation03

odd transportation04

odd transportation05

odd transportation06

odd transportation07

odd transportation08

odd transportation09

odd transportation10

odd transportation11

odd transportation12

odd transportation13

odd transportation14

odd transportation15

odd transportation16

odd transportation17

odd transportation18

odd transportation19

odd transportation20

odd transportation21

odd transportation22

odd transportation23

odd transportation24

odd transportation25

odd transportation26

odd transportation27

odd transportation28

odd transportation29

odd transportation30

odd transportation31

odd transportation32

odd transportation33

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odd transportation37

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