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September 18, 2010 / Lifestyle / 0 comments

Coaches are always searching for new basketball cheerleaders for basketball seasons to get the crowd going and spur the team. Take a look at photos from such cheerleader tryouts where ladies compete to join the cheerleading team or squad.

cheerleaders tryout01

cheerleaders tryout02

cheerleaders tryout03

cheerleaders tryout04

cheerleaders tryout05

cheerleaders tryout06

cheerleaders tryout07

cheerleaders tryout08

cheerleaders tryout09

cheerleaders tryout10

cheerleaders tryout11

cheerleaders tryout12

cheerleaders tryout13

cheerleaders tryout14

cheerleaders tryout15

cheerleaders tryout16

cheerleaders tryout17

cheerleaders tryout18

cheerleaders tryout19

cheerleaders tryout20

cheerleaders tryout21

cheerleaders tryout22

cheerleaders tryout23

cheerleaders tryout24

cheerleaders tryout25

cheerleaders tryout26

cheerleaders tryout27

cheerleaders tryout28

cheerleaders tryout29

cheerleaders tryout30