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June 26, 2010 / Weird and bizarre / 0 comments

It looks like the job must be done, no matter what. But, did someone here thought about safety? What does it anyway means to be safe? Is it the subjective feeling or what others seam to say it is safe? If you ask me I like to say that the one who takes care of himself is the one to be saved by God too. This can be called stupidity too, but it makes me wonder how stupid or brave you must be to try to do something like this. It is said that the one who dares wins, but her it looks like the one who dares wins a fracture. This is the craziest things I seen in a while, ant trust me here on the net you can stumble on the weirdest things, but that is not such an interesting thing when someone does it just for getting the attention, but more interesting is to see some stupidity in action.

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