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December 28, 2010 / Nature / 0 comments

The sailing stones (sliding rocks, moving rocks) are a geological phenomenon where rocks move in long tracks along a smooth valley floor without human or animal intervention. They have been recorded and studied in a number of places around Racetrack Playa, Death Valley, where the number and length of travel grooves are notable. The force behind their movement is not understood and is subject to research.

sailing stones01

sailing stones02

sailing stones03

sailing stones04

sailing stones05

sailing stones06

sailing stones07

sailing stones08

sailing stones09

sailing stones10

sailing stones11

sailing stones12

sailing stones13

sailing stones14

sailing stones15

sailing stones16

sailing stones17

sailing stones18

sailing stones19

sailing stones20

sailing stones21

sailing stones22

sailing stones23

sailing stones24

sailing stones25

sailing stones26

sailing stones27

sailing stones28

sailing stones29

sailing stones30

sailing stones31

sailing stones32

sailing stones33

sailing stones34

sailing stones35

sailing stones36

sailing stones37

sailing stones38

sailing stones39

sailing stones40

sailing stones41

sailing stones42

sailing stones43

sailing stones44

sailing stones45

sailing stones46

sailing stones47

sailing stones48

sailing stones49