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May 28, 2010 / Weird and bizarre / 1 comment

American Julia Gnuse has covered her body in ink. Among the tattoos, you can find jungle scenes, her favorite actors and Disney cartoon characters.
But it wasn’t in the name of art that she started tattooing herself, it was because of her skin condition, called porphyria, which gave her blisters when her skin was exposed to sunlight.
To mask her scarring, she first tried tattooing her skin the same color to the scarring that she had, but it didn’t match her pale-looking skin. That’s when she tried colorful tattoos and got hooked up.
This addiction of hers lead her right into a Guinness World Record for “the American who has been named the most tattooed woman in the world.”
All of her tattoo designs were created by the same artist.

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  1. Bluey.down.under says:

    Where do we go from here ?? My mind is boggled !!

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