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June 3, 2011 / Fun / 0 comments

The Japanese did the biggest fireworks in the world. It requires a huge charge to launch the fireworks – 120 cm diameter and 450kg weight. It can reach 850 meters high and when exploding it makes an 800-meter diameter. Inside the post, you will see a manufacture process of the mortar and a video of fireworks launch.

biggest fireworks01

biggest fireworks02

biggest fireworks03

biggest fireworks04

biggest fireworks05

biggest fireworks06

biggest fireworks07

biggest fireworks08

biggest fireworks09

biggest fireworks10

biggest fireworks11

biggest fireworks12

biggest fireworks13

biggest fireworks14

biggest fireworks15

biggest fireworks16

biggest fireworks17

biggest fireworks18

biggest fireworks19

biggest fireworks20

biggest fireworks21

biggest fireworks22

biggest fireworks23

biggest fireworks24