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May 12, 2010 / Fun / 1 comment

Condoms are one of the most useful discoveries of 20th century. Well, since the creativity never stop, so the condom designs has start to change. There is still the regular shapes, but the market is starting to be overflown with strange looking condoms. Enjoy in this odd condom designs icon wink

unusual condoms01

unusual condoms02

unusual condoms03

unusual condoms04

unusual condoms05

unusual condoms06

unusual condoms07

unusual condoms08

unusual condoms09

unusual condoms10

unusual condoms11

unusual condoms12

unusual condoms13

unusual condoms14

unusual condoms15

unusual condoms16

unusual condoms17

unusual condoms18

unusual condoms19

unusual condoms20

unusual condoms21

unusual condoms22

unusual condoms23

unusual condoms24

unusual condoms25

unusual condoms26

unusual condoms27

unusual condoms28

unusual condoms29

unusual condoms30

unusual condoms31

unusual condoms32

unusual condoms33

unusual condoms34