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July 20, 2010 / Lifestyle / 0 comments

When talking of relaxing at the holidays and treating yourself with a facial treatment and a mud mask..well I am pretty sure that this was not the idea you had on your mind. More than two million people have attended the event this year on the annual mud festival which took place on a 3.5km stretch of pristine sand on Daecheon Beach, and it all began in 1993. Visitors can also take part in activities such as mud slides, mud wrestling, mud sculpting competitions, mud massages, mud prisons and a mud beauty competition. Children also are taking part in the event – enjoying being able to wallow in the gloopy substance and cover themselves from head to toe in mud. The event was originally started by a local cosmetic company wanting to promote their mud skincare range’s benefits. However, as well as having fun, the mud boasts rejuvenating properties due to its ‘nutrient-rich’ agricultural mineral. I think that this is the last thing on the participants mind while they are wrestling in mud. This is a great thing getting dirty and beautiful at the same time.

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