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June 1, 2010 / / 2 comments

This year the World Cup in Soccer will take place in South African Republic. This is one big challenge for this country. South Africa is not best known for its welt and making an event like this happens it needs a lot of money and really loving this game. It is left only ten days…the atmosphere there is really hot and it is warming up every day. Best players and best teams will be showing us the best of soccer. This feeling is pretty catchy and must say that I can’t wait the games to begin. For those who are excited as I am and are interested in going there here is a little guide trough the prices: South African Republic offers medium level of prices. It is hard to spend here a very cheap holidays, but for reasonable prices you can get reasonable quality. Cheap accommodation: $6, medium accommodation: $20, expensive accommodation: $40, cheap meal: $3,expensive meal: $12 this is all per one person, soooo… don’t just sit there, be part of it!

world cup fever01

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  • Jean

    why is the world intent on showing the worst of our country. Let me brief you, some of the photos posted are not even from south africa and the rest come from the poorest areas. The beauty in these pictures, that makes me apprecate Africa, is that whoever you are, wherever you are, we all appreciate the beautiful game. So i may not have proper gear to play the game but i know how to play, i know my favourite players locally and internationally but most importantly i know that our country is about to make history by being the 1st to host the world cup in africa. So yes South Africa awaits you.

  • Marion

    I couldn’t agree more… The Republic of South Africa has so much more to offer than squalor and poor barefoot children! Many of these pictures were clearly not even taken in SA!
    Our country is arguably one of the most beautiful in the world, our heritage rich and diverse, a gem for any traveller.
    And we are ready to welcome the world for the biggest sporting spectacular ever to be held on African soil… just watch this space!