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December 29, 2011 / Weird and bizarre / 1 comment

The National Football League players who wish to avoid being decapitated themselves should have a sturdy neck. However, some players go too far. As a result, you can see some of the widest necks ever. That can’t be normal. Is one born with a naturally wide neck or is there a whole series of exercises unknown to the populace?

Takeo Spikes, linebacker, San Diego Chargers

If you look up “thick neck” on Google, you’ll get a picture of Takeo Spikes. Really, you will.

nfl necks01

Roman Harper, safety, New Orleans Saints

When in the NFL, do as Roman does: Lift weights until your neck is thicker than your head.

nfl necks02

Kelly Gregg, defensive tackle, Kansas City Chiefs

Gregg, who inherited Baltimore’s starting nose-tackle job from fellow giant Tony Siragusa before moving to Kansas City this year, has a neck so large it is hard to tell where it ends and his face begins.

nfl necks03

Maurice Jones-Drew, running back, Jacksonville Jaguars

One of the league’s most explosive players, Jones-Drew is just 5-foot-7 and 208 pounds. He has proven remarkably durable over the years, however, perhaps because he is shaped like a battering ram.

nfl necks04

Riley Cooper, wide receiver, Philadelphia Eagles

Cooper looks a bit like Frank from the film Donnie Darko, if the giant bunny mask weighed 40 pounds and he built up his neck muscles by wearing it around all the time.

nfl necks05

David Diehl, offensive lineman, New York Giants

The 315-pound Diehl has tattoos of the Croatian coat of arms and University of Illinois mascot Chief Illiniwek. His neck appears to be ink free.

nfl necks06

Devin Aromashodu, wide receiver, Minnesota Vikings

Aromashodu runs like a gazelle. He also has the neck of a gazelle.

nfl necks07

Paul Posluszny, linebacker, Jacksonville Jaguars

A fearsome middle linebacker, “Poz” has broken his arm twice, but his neck has thus far remained injury free.

nfl necks08

  • Anonymous

    Good article. And wow at Poz’s neck it looks unreal he kinda looks like Peter Griffin