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February 21, 2012 / Nature / 1 comment

They are all stomach and no brains; Snakes will eat anything they can catch and swallow and sometimes, those things are not the typical snake meal. It just goes to prove that snakes, especially non-indigenous ones, can play havoc on an ecosystem in just a limited amount of time – a warning to keep pet snakes locked up and not to just let them go! Check out these unusual snake snacks

snake snacks01

This Olive Python ate a Maltese terrier named Bindi.

snake snacks02

This amethystine python is devouring a sulphur-crested cockatoo.

snake snacks03

This is an x-ray of a carpet python after he tried to make a meal out of four golfballs.

snake snacks04

This Burmese python ate an electric blanket complete with electrical cords and control box.

snake snacks05

When this three meter long carpet python found under a home was x-rayed, vets found a cat’s collar inside. The cat had already been digested.

snake snacks06

This 1.8 meter carpet python made a meal out of another cat.

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