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February 5, 2010 / Wtf / 7 comments

One of the worlds best known association is PETA. They are fighting and protesting all over the world for animals rights. Many of famous people are members of this association, as Pamela Anderson is. They are best known for very aggressive commercial and recognizable protests. Here are some of the photos from their protests and you will soon know about what I am talking about. Here are also some photos of other protests which used the PETAs idea for pointing out their apprehension.

peta protest01

peta protest02

peta protest03

peta protest04

peta protest05

peta protest06

peta protest07

peta protest08

peta protest09

peta protest10

peta protest11

peta protest12

peta protest13

peta protest14

peta protest15

  • michael

    Being from the East Coast of Canada, I wonder if the rest of the world understands this… NFLD donair…seal meat on PETA bread MMMMmmmm!

  • Jaimee

    I love how they say ” We would rather be naked than wear fur”….Then why not wear cotton like normal people? I don’t know to many people who actually wear fur.

  • Cody

    Wow, way to give free undeserved publicity to a bunch of uninformed, propaganda-spouting terrorist freaks.

  • Derp

    Beautiful! Thanks for standing up for the animals who dont have a voice :)

  • petakilledinnocentanimals

    animal rights? they dont even stand up for domesticated animals that are homeless… and why should you force others to be like you and im referring to eating meat… PETA euthanised thousands of homeless pets already just because they dont believe in the domestication of animals as pets….you dont believe me ..research on’re on the net right now arent you?…

  • Nawaf Waleed

    god created animals service as and the service MEAN is to feed us and for other purposes,Sorry for my bad english.

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