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July 21, 2010 / Weird and bizarre / 0 comments

Nature has blessed Vietnam with a bountiful harvest of soaring mountains, a killer coastline and radiant rice fields, Vietnam is a cracker. Inland, peasant women in conical hats still tend to their fields, children ride buffaloes along country paths and minority people scratch out a living from impossible gradients. The world where the colors are more vivid, where the landscapes are bolder, the coastline more dramatic, where the history is more compelling, where the tastes are more divine, where life is lived in the fast lane. This world is Vietnam, the latest Asian dragon to awake from its slumber. This is also the world where some crazy photos are taken. Vietnam is changing every day in every possible way and they are somewhere in the middle of everything, and if you ask me they are getting along pretty well..I am not sure if some other countries would do it as good as they are.

only in vietnam01

only in vietnam02

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