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May 21, 2011 / Travel and places / 0 comments

Here’s a little photo-essay on Brilliance of the Seas cruising in Gulf waters. The ship contains 13 decks, 5 restaurants, a library, theater, art gallery, casino, pools, shops, sports courts and much more! In fact, this is a small floating city. It cruises the Mediterranean from April to November and the Panama Canal and Caribbean from November to April. Brilliance of the Seas is on active service from in January on Monday 18. What is unique about this particular cruise ship is that the pool and Jacuzzi are open 24/7. Take a look.

cruise ship01

cruise ship02

cruise ship03

cruise ship04

cruise ship05

cruise ship06

cruise ship07

cruise ship08

cruise ship09

cruise ship10

cruise ship11

cruise ship12

cruise ship13

cruise ship14

cruise ship15

cruise ship16

cruise ship17

cruise ship18

cruise ship19

cruise ship20

cruise ship21

cruise ship22

cruise ship23

cruise ship24

cruise ship25

cruise ship26

cruise ship27

cruise ship28

cruise ship29

cruise ship30

cruise ship31

cruise ship32

cruise ship33

cruise ship34

cruise ship35

cruise ship36

cruise ship37

cruise ship38