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May 15, 2010 / Lifestyle / 0 comments

Since the planet is over populated, and many countries have problem with a space for new buildings, they decide to start building very high structures. Of course, if your country has some building high as this, than it’s something like a prestige mark. In some of this buildings more than 50000 people can live. So I think that there is a solution for the living space problem. Some of the tallest buildings on the earth now are maybe tomorrows past, because humans have the tendency to climb higher and higher, and it looks like nothing is enough for them. With every new floor they are getting nearer to something up there in the sky. There is always a need in us to get there, even the mythical creatures Dedal and Icarus were wanting to reach the Sun, and now who can stop people when they know that they can live in the sky and up there in the clouds? Here are the photos of some of the tallest buildings in the World. Excuse me while I kiss the sky!

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