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October 11, 2010 / Wtf / 2 comments

The only reason why someone who doesn’t like sport would go on a game are cheerleaders. They are all good looking and can do some really crazy stuff on the game. But from time to time some cheerleaders make mistake. Well, this article is all about that ;) Enjoy

2 Responses

  1. criticasreview says:

    some aren’t fails.
    some are shopped.
    some aren’t cheerleaders.
    some are just camel toes.
    overall it’s a pretty lame collection i am sorry i clicked on it although some of the girls were nice.

  2. Got lost, sorry says:

    Anyone knows if theres an AdBlock-like software that hides links with the words “funny” and “fail” in them to stop me from accidentally clicking them? It is a well known fact that the advertised “funny” and “fail” are never to be found in them.

    At least I learned to avoid weirdpalace now, but the Internets are still full of similar garbage collections.

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