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September 5, 2010 / Arts / 4 comments

dolls should be presentation of real life. Since there is many dolls of superheroes, cartoon characters etc. It’s normal that sooner or later there will show up some of this kind of dolls. Here you will see sad Emo Dolls. Enjoy in this kind of dolls if you like it icon wink

emo dolls01

emo dolls02

emo dolls03

emo dolls04

emo dolls05

emo dolls06

emo dolls07

emo dolls08

emo dolls09

emo dolls10

emo dolls11

emo dolls12

emo dolls13

emo dolls14

emo dolls15

emo dolls16

emo dolls17

emo dolls18

emo dolls19

emo dolls20

emo dolls21

  • entropy

    They’re not emo, they’re just Asian. ._.; And not meant as children’s toys like “superhero and cartoon character” dolls are.

    Ball joint dolls FTW.

  • Me

    They’re not emo dolls. They’re asian ball-jointed dolls. Whoever wrote this article is f****** stupid.


    I feel offended that you call these…”Emo Dolls.” These are BJD as others have stated in the comments true BJD are hand crafted out of fine porcelain and resins. These are fine art and cost hundreds of dollars to own one and are time consuming to create one! You cannot appreciate their beauty if you call them, “Emo Dolls” Even if you are joking this is very disrespectful to the artists who created these beautiful BJD and you should be ashamed! :P

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