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September 6, 2010 / Nature / 0 comments

This year is not specially different that others before. In this year there is a new hurricane that terrorize USA coast. This one is called Earl has managed to get to coast of Massachusetts. Here you will see some of the photos of that devastating power. we can all hope that he will stop soon and that he will not be destructive as famous Katrina hurricane.

hurricane earl01

hurricane earl02

hurricane earl03

hurricane earl04

hurricane earl05

hurricane earl06

hurricane earl07

hurricane earl08

hurricane earl09

hurricane earl10

hurricane earl11

hurricane earl12

hurricane earl13

hurricane earl14

hurricane earl15

hurricane earl16

hurricane earl17

hurricane earl18

hurricane earl19

hurricane earl20

hurricane earl21

hurricane earl22

hurricane earl23

hurricane earl24

hurricane earl25

hurricane earl26

hurricane earl27

hurricane earl28