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January 20, 2012 / Lifestyle / 1 comment

With money, time and endless professionals at their beck and call these celebrities have nipped Father Time in the bud. See how the typical person of the same age stacks up against these stars.

A typical 47 year old versus 47 year old Keanu Reeves.

typical age vs celebs01

A typical 71 year old versus 71 year old Chuck Norris.

typical age vs celebs02

A typical 80 year old versus 80 year old William Shatner.

typical age vs celebs03

A typical 38 year old versus 38 year old Jim Parsons.

typical age vs celebs04

A typical 42 year old versus 42 year old Gwen Stefani.

typical age vs celebs05

A typical 85 year old versus 85 year old James Lipton.

typical age vs celebs06

A typical 32 year old versus 32 year old Danny Pudi.

typical age vs celebs07

A typical 36 year old versus 36 year old Daniel Tosh.

typical age vs celebs08

A typical 71 year old versus 71 year old Alex Trebek.

typical age vs celebs09

A typical 50 year old versus 50 year old Ralph Macchio (the Karate Kid).

typical age vs celebs10

A typical 61 year old versus 61 year old Kirstie Alley.

typical age vs celebs11

A typical 41 year old versus 41 year old Sarah Silverman.

typical age vs celebs12

A typical 65 year old versus 65 year old Sylvester Stallone.

typical age vs celebs13

A typical 40 year old versus 40 year old Jared Leto.

typical age vs celebs14

A typical 48 year old versus 48 year old Johnny Depp.

typical age vs celebs15

A typical 63 year old versus 63 year old Samuel L. Jackson.

typical age vs celebs16

A typical 65 year old versus 65 year old David Bowie.

typical age vs celebs17

A typical 34 year old versus 34 year old Jason Earles.

typical age vs celebs18

A typical 37 year old versus 37 year old Seth Green.

typical age vs celebs19

A typical 73 year old versus 73 year old Maury Povich.

typical age vs celebs20

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