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March 20, 2012 / Fun / 0 comments

Here’s a collection of photos of girls with huge chromed trucks. I don’t know why but they look pretty amazing together. These photos are made by Los Angeles fashion photographer Roger Snider. Roger Snider grew up in Miami, but he says the most lasting impression from his youth is the experience of road trips to his grandma’s country house in Virginia. This was mainly because of the opportunity to see Big Rigs on the toad and at truck stops. It was then that he determined to be a Big Rig driver when he grew up. He claims he had it all figured out by the time he was eight. Snider switched gears in college after taking his first photography class. A job in Miami in the early 90’s directed him to fashion photography, and after completing a BFA at the University of Florida, he moved to San Francisco to learn the business. He crossed the country again, working in fashion editorial and photographing in New York City. It was a chance meeting on a plane with film director Doug Pray that led Snider to photographing the stills for a documentary film about Big Rigs. This experience re-awakened his love for big and beautiful machines. And the rest is history, Snider says. Check out these girls and trucks. Enjoy.

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